Fruits Paradise

‘Fruits Paradise’was created from my desire for an abundant world and my longing for making the impossible possible. It is the space which may correspond to the Peach-Blossom Garden of the oriental or a Paradise of the occidental. It is a place abundance which everyone dreams of.‘Aspiration’to escape from an insipid daily life;‘Imagination’induced from the aspiration, and;‘Desire’of a man longing for a rest and a happy life. Fruits, which often refer to‘freshness and life’, are, in my paintings, the projection of the aforesaid 3 factors. That is why the fruits in Fruits Paradise are fresher and more splendid than any other fruits in the secular world, and that is why they brightly glitters. Fruits Paradise is the place filled with vibrant energy of life pouring out from our never-ending aspiration and desire. It is my wish that all viewers of my paintings shall ‘take a rest and play around at’ Fruits Paradise, filled with the vibrant energy, while imagining the freshness pouring out from a bite of these lush fruits in my works.


Story of Fruits Paradise

Fruits Paradise is a sort of oriental landscape painting. Fruits in the paintings are the main theme of Fruits Paradise and these fruits compose a magnificent landscape in my works. And there also are a girl with bobbed hair and a white puppy. The girl is myself and the puppy is my pet in real life. Whenever I get stressed up on a busy day, I wish to go to a place of serenity where there is no noise at all. And to be close to such a place, I close my eyes and imagine the place of peace and abundance. Leaving for adventure in a ship at dawn. During the voyage, the unbelievable scene is presented in front of my eyes. The island with splendid colours finally reveals itself. Fruit juice runs through the valley, and the sweet fragrance makes me get fuzzy. Just looking at this island enraptures me. I imagine how good it would be if I could actually put my feet onto a place like this and take a rest. As it is an unrealistic space, I can do whatever I have dreamt of. It is the place of infinite possibility. What I wanted was to depict such a place, and I do hope that there actually is a place like this somewhere in the world.


Creation of Fruits Paradise

‘Fruits Paradise’series is rooted on Korean traditional paintings not only in the respect of psychological basis, but also in the respect of inspiration and way of creation. As I was majoring in oriental painting, I have taken courses related to Korean traditional paintings including the History of Oriental Painting, the History of Korean Painting, and the Oriental Aesthetics. These courses made me proud of Korean traditional paintings, as well as made me question myself what the aesthetical value of Korea in true sense would be. The answer that I came up so far is that what is genuinely Korean is the most global. Hence, I truly enjoy appreciating old paintings of Korea, and the Korean traditional paintings also have given me a lot of idea and inspiration. Accordingly, applying‘Jeon-Tong-Jin-Chae (Korean traditional colouring)’method, with which Korean traditional materials are used and traditional colouring techniques are followed, is one of important factors of my works. Smooth and clean silk is selected, and mounted on a wooden frame.‘Gyobansu (solution of traditional hide glue and alum)’ was made via sophisticated and tricky process, and applied on the front and back of the silk over and over more than 10 times to make an adequate foundation for painting. Drawing is done with oriental ink on this foundation, and traditional colours made from natural pigments mixed in hide glue solution are applied one by one. This process of creation gives traditional strong colour tone and at the same time, soft, thick and warm sensation, and this is why I choose it as the most effective way to describe a paradise. To depict the splendid, clear and strong impression of the fruits in my works, prime colours and loud colours are frequently used. Outstanding expression of colours, long duration without discoloration and maintaining high chroma when mixed, all of which are the basic requirements of oriental painting, are also important factor that I am focused on to enhance the aesthetic value of my works.